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VS Carbonics

Are you in need of compressed CO2, liquid nitrogen, or dry ice in Florida, Miami, Hollywood, or Hialeah? Look no further than VS Carbonics by The Cryo Group. We boast over 20 years of supplying high-quality gases to our customers for their varied needs. We believe in providing personalized services that help our customers achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. No matter what industry you're in, we have a product that's right for you.

VS Carbonics Most Popular Products

At VS Carbonics, we deliver high-quality food-grade gases to businesses in Southern Florida and beyond. Some of the most popular products that you should expect from us include:


Co2 is a beneficial and versatile gas used across various industries due to its inert qualities, meaning it doesn't react with other materials. Some of the industries that rely on our CO2 supply include:

  • Food and Beverage: Some of the common uses of CO2 in the food and beverage industry include the manufacture of carbonating beverages, keeping food products cold during transportation, de-caffeinating coffee, and protecting food items during their production.

  • Agriculture: CO2 is used in different agricultural processes, such as grain treatment in silos and other storage facilities, manufacture of fertilizers, and in greenhouses to optimize crops' photosynthesis potential.

  • Manufacturing: CO2 is used as a shield gas to protect weld puddles from oxidation. Besides that, combined with argon, it improves welding rates and reduces the need for post-welding treatment.

  • Chemical Industry: CO2 is a vital raw material in methanol and urea production.

  • Healthcare: CO2 is an essential material that helps in stimulating respiration when added to medical-grade oxygen.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is used in different industries due to its compact nature and ease of transportation. Among the sectors in which our liquid nitrogen supply is used include:

  • Chemical industry: Liquid nitrogen is used in nitrogen stripping and recovery, VOC treatment and recovery, inerting, reactor cooling, and more.

  • Automotive and transportation: Liquid nitrogen is a crucial element used in heat treating and parts manufacturing while combined with other welding gases.

  • Food and beverage: Liquid nitrogen is a key cryogenic agent in food freezing, cooling, and chilling due to its freezing temperature.

  • Healthcare: Liquid nitrogen is used as a cryogen to preserve blood, tissues, and other biological specimens. It's also used to power medical devices.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a common element used in commercial and industrial applications, including packaging that requires items to remain frozen or cold, cutting off water flows in plumbing to allow repairs without shutting water pipes and exterminating rodents.

For its industrial use, it can be used to loosen asphalt floor tiles to make it easy to prise off, blast cleaning, and degassing flammable vapors from storage tanks.

No matter your use for CO2, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice, we're ready to supply high-grade gasses to meet your needs.

On-site Fill Services and Liquid Gas Delivery System

At VS Carbonics, we offer on-site fill services and liquid delivery systems to our clients, depending on their demand for our products.

For on-site fill services, we supply our products to serve different needs. Whether you're a club owner looking to draw people into your facility with the creative use of dry ice, a production company that intends to use CO2 for on-stage effects, or an entertainer planning to create the ultimate ambiance for your shows, we're here to ensure that you get enough gas for your use. We also serve a wide range of industries that require a constant supply of our products, including laser cutting, welding, pipeline construction, and more. No matter the scope of your needs, we have enough supply tanks to ensure you get enough gas supply.

For liquid gas delivery systems, we know that your business needs more gas supply as it expands. We're ready to create a centralized gas distribution system for your business to cut your operational costs and increase your productivity. If you find yourself requesting refills, consider our liquid-gas delivery system.

Industries VS Carbonics Serve

At VS Carbonics, we serve various industries that need high-quality CO2, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen. Some of the industries that we serve include:

  • Food and beverage

  • Government agencies

  • Agriculture

  • Medical industry and more

See How Vs Carbonics Can Help Your Business

Whether you are a business, event coordinator, government entity, or any company that needs CO2, liquid nitrogen, or dry ice, VS Carbonics by The Cryo Group is here to help you. Our dedicated concierge team of experts is ready to help you answer any questions about the product you need and help you get the best out of it. We value personalized services in all our deliveries. Contact us at The Cryo Group today to learn more about us or order your delivery.

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