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Gas blends of CO2 and Nitrogen are commonly used in the process of making beer. Co2 is responsible for maintaining the carbonation in the beer keg. When Co2 is mixed with Nitrogen, it creates a creamier blend. The smaller bubbles produced by Nitrogen molecules give the beer a smoother texture and a foamy appearance. In recent years, there has been a new trend of using Nitrogen gas in coffee, which also results in a foamy top similar to that of beer.

All of our Co2 and Nitrogen are Food and Beverage Grade.

Achieving the optimal gas blend is essential for the flavor and quality of your beers. A well-balanced infusion of Co2 and nitrogen results in a smooth and foamy beer. The Cryo Group provides pre-mixed gas blends to ensure your beer maintains its taste and appearance.

Gas Blends from The Cryo Group





The Cryo Group is a gas blend supplier in the Miami area. We provide services to bars, breweries, and coffee shops with our blends. We offer consistent and fast delivery to help you focus on making your best beverages.

Products and Uses for Gas Blends

The Cryo Group has developed pre-mixed gas blends for beverage dealers, specifically designed to maintain proper pressure and carbonation in your beers.

It is important to ensure that the carbonation levels in the drinks are balanced, as excessive carbonation may result in foaming while pouring, and insufficient carbonation may lead to the drinks going flat before they are consumed.

Additionally, it is known that nitrogen plays a crucial role in achieving a smooth and creamy texture by dispersing the bubbles in beer. Our gas blends have also been utilized in the production of various other goods, such as carbonated coffees. A dedicated team in our locality consistently works on perfecting the art of gas blending.

How is Beer Made with Gas Blends?

Beer is made using gas blends of Co2 and Nitrogen. During the brewing process, the malt and hops are boiled in water to extract the flavour and aroma. After that, yeast is added, which feeds on the sugar present in the wort (the liquid produced by boiling malt and hops) and produces alcohol, carbon dioxide, and other byproducts. The carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is then mixed with nitrogen to create a gas blend.


This blend is then used in the beer keg, which helps maintain the carbonation levels in the beer.

Gas blends are essential for making delicious and flavorful beers. The Cryo Group provides pre-mixed gas blends of Co2 and Nitrogen to bars, breweries, and coffee shops that help maintain proper pressure.

How can you incorporate food with Gas Blends? 

Gas blends can be used to create a unique and flavorful experience when incorporating food with drinks. Nitrogen gas, when combined with carbon dioxide, can create a creamy texture and foamy appearance that can be utilized in both sweet and savory dishes.

What About Nitrogen Infused Cocktails?


For example, nitrogen-infused cocktails can pair nicely with a variety of desserts such as ice cream, mousse, and cakes. A nitrogen-infused beer can also pair nicely with a variety of dishes such as pizzas, burgers, and curries. Additionally, coffee shops have been utilizing nitrogen-infused coffee drinks to provide their customers with a unique and flavorful experience.

How Can I Benefit from Using Gas Blends?

Customers will enjoy the experience of drinking a beer with small bubbles and a foamy head. Properly blended gas mixes are also crucial for cost-saving and maintaining beer freshness.

Our gas blends are designed specifically for beer and will greatly increase satisfaction for both you and your customers. These gas-blend products enhance the creaminess of your beers or coffees, resulting in a delightful flavor and texture.

Buy our Gas Blends Today

Stop asking yourself where to buy gas blends, and start calling The Cryo Group today. We can deliver regular shipments of gas blends to your facility in no time.

Our local team is available to provide drop-off or servicing for your canisters. With our experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect blend for your products. Please contact us to speak with one of our experts.

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