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Food and Beverage Services for the Cryogenic Industry

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Cryogenic services have continuously played a vital role in the food and beverage industry. This includes services like food delivery, restaurant businesses, packaging, and more. Its broad preference has widely resulted from its eco-friendliness, rapid freezing capabilities, limited dehydration, and inhibition of bacterial growth, among other benefits. 

As a restaurant owner, manufacturer, or company involved in cryogenic freezing food services in Hialeah, Holywood, Florida, or Miami, you want a reliable cryogenic service that will deliver high-quality cryogenic gases for your use. The Cryo Group boasts exceptional cryo services for all services and industries that require various gases for their daily use.

How Does Food and Beverage Services Work in the Cryogenic Industry? 

There are various uses of cryogenics in the food and beverage industry. These uses range from making cryo food for transportation, preservation, and more. Here's a breakdown of our services' vital role in the food and beverage industry.

Nitrogen Dosing 

Nitrogen dosing is a process that involves the dispensation of short liquid nitrogen bursts into a container before sealing it. As the liquid nitrogen fills the space, it expands into a gas that forces oxygen out of the container. This procedure prevents beverage packages from collapsing during transportation after packing them in trays or while placed on each other. It's used in soft drinks, water, and juice packaging. It's also the main reason behind the shift from heavy glass packaging containers to aluminum cans, cardboard packages, and ultra-light plastic bottles. 

Food Freezing 

The cryogenic freezing food process involves the use of liquid nitrogen for the effective freezing of food products. This helps food manufacturers to maximize their production at a lower cost. It also helps maintain the natural quality of food. 

Food Transportation 

Another way cryogenic services work in the food and beverage industry is through food transportation. Cryos, like liquid nitrogen, can keep frozen foods at ultra-low temperatures, ensuring they don't spoil for longer periods. That's why it's the most preferred cryogenic gas for food processors and distributors, especially those operating within wide regions. 

Dry Icing 

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide. It's used in various ways across the food and beverage industry, including meat processing, cold shipping, commercial bakeries, cryomaceration or winemaking, and more. It's highly preferred since it's colorless, odorless, and readily available from suppliers like The Cryo Group. 


Besides liquid nitrogen, another cryogenic gas used in preserving soft drinks is carbon dioxide. It's the reason behind the bubbles, tangled taste, and longevity of your carbonated wine, energy drink, soda, sparkling or seltzer water, or soft drink. In this process, the liquid or soft drink is chilled and cascaded into a bottle or container containing carbon dioxide in liquid form or pressurized dry ice. This increases pressure and lowers the temperature in the container to allow maximum gas absorption. 

Sparging Brewing 

Sparging involves bubbling liquid nitrogen through wine and grain brews to remove carbon dioxide and oxygen from packaging. It removes dissolved oxygen in wine-making and quickens the grain brewing process by eliminating the need to rinse the grain with water after mashing. 

Is Cryogenic Food and Beverage Safe 


Yes. Both liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide are safe for use, and the FDA approves that they have no ecological or human toxicology effects. However, besides being non-toxic, they pose a concern as physical and biological hazards, but to a lesser degree. These hazards are usually associated with handling, but there are stringent measures to consider to avoid the risks they pose. 

Interested in Learning More About Food and Beverage Services in the Cryogenic Industry Contact us Today

Now, you understand what is cryogenic used for in the food and beverage industry. The next step is finding where to buy liquid nitrogen for food for your business in Florida, Miami, Hialeah, or Hollywood. The Cryo Group is here to help you get the cryogenic gas you need for your business with timely and safe delivery services. Contact us today to learn how we can help. 

Image Credit: Suslov Denis / Shutterstock

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