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When Dios Vazquez started in the cryogenics business, he envisioned delivering top-tier service across a diverse collection of industries. His dream started this endeavor, and nearly 20 years later, his success would achieve new heights through the establishment of The Cryo Group.



The Cryo Group's core mission is to uncomplicate the cryogenics industry by providing accessible solutions to fit any need across a variety of industries. Our best-in-class service comes with more than 20 years of industry knowledge alongside a team of more than 30 skilled technicians.

The Cryo Group offers a fully equipped operation capable of meeting your needs as a supplier, inspector, repair service, system designer, installer, maintenance provider, and contract manager, with every product supplied being made in the US and rated food grade for safety.

We provide solutions to companies within industries such as hospitality, medical, food and beverage, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more.

The Cryo Group acts as a single point of responsibility for our customer's cryogenic needs with our three core branches. Our solutions are featured in some of the most prominent local attractions, such as theme parks, restaurants, nightclubs, and even music festivals; where we specialize in full-service cryogenic offerings from start to finish.

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