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Industries We Serve with Cryogenics 


The Cryo Group is a liquid nitrogen refill service, Co2, and dry ice supplier in Miami. We provide gases to various industries to deliver high-quality products. We offer a wide range of products tailored to each industry's requirements. Let's take a quick look at our customer base.

Food and Beverage

Our products have been successful in various establishments in the Miami area, including ice cream shops, coffee houses, and regular restaurants. The addition of nitrogen has significantly increased sales in the food and beverage industry.


The government depends on us for dry ice in Miami, particularly during power outages when things need to be cooled off. We provide this service to various agencies such as the TSA, National Weather Service, and other governing bodies.


Dry ice and CO2 are used extensively in the agricultural community to enhance plant growth and increase crop yield. Our organization collaborates closely with agricultural communities to create optimal environments for plant development, from seedlings to fully functioning greenhouses.

If you have further questions about the Industries We Serve, please make sure to Contact us. 

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