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Cryogenic Microbulk Solutions in Miami, FL















If high-pressure or liquid cylinders are becoming costly and replacing them is taking up too much time, it may be beneficial to consider an alternative. It is important to address the issue of returning cylinders with gas still in the tank, minimize supply interruptions, and improve safety measures.

If you are experiencing these familiar problems in your establishment, it may be beneficial to consider an integrated and streamlined alternative. The Cryo Group offers our Microbulk tanks from our sister company, VS Carbonics.

By making this move, you can experience significant cost savings, particularly when your demand for high gas volumes increases.

Uninterrupted Reliance and Convenience

The Cryo Group's sister company, VS Carbonics, is a reliable resource for efficient and affordable gas management.

We offer bulk supplies of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon in smaller volumes for convenient and efficient use.

Our MicroBulk tanks come in different sizes, making them a preferable choice for liquid dewars. Gas storage and distribution are simplified, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Eliminate Hassles, Reduce Costs, Increase Safety

VS Carbonics MicroBulk Solutions offers a range of benefits with MicroBulk tank capacities that can fill 25 to 50 cylinders. By switching to our service, you will experience reduced administrative responsibilities, increased cost savings, and a reliable gas supply.

Additionally, customers are only charged for the gas they actually use, preventing the hassle of returning partially filled cylinders and avoiding any wasted gas.

Our MicroBulk tanks have minimal venting and do not require the handling of cylinders. Instead, our crew is sent onsite in order to improve safety while working with the tanks.

MicroBulk Solutions aims to reduce the expenses related to misplaced cylinders and prevent the loss of residual gas. Furthermore, if you are in the midst of operations, you will not exhaust your fuel supply. Personnel from VS Carbonics are dispatched for tank filling services.

There has been a decrease in orders, deliveries, and invoices. Cylinder storage space is no longer necessary with MicroBulk solutions.

Our goal is for our clients to experience improved administrative capacity, delivery efficiency, operational performance, and onsite safety.

A Wide Range of Applications

MultiBulk Solutions provides a system that is highly compatible with applications like laser cutting, food packaging, heat treating, chemical processing, PH control, welding and fabrication, analytical laboratories, and so much more.

MicroBulk Tanks

Our MicroBulk tanks are available in various sizes, ranging from 230 liters to 1500 liters and beyond. Each tank is designed to efficiently deliver the required pressure and gas to ensure the smooth operation of your business. These features enable the efficient pumping of gas to the desired location.

Easy to Implement

VS Carbonics has made significant advancements in streamlining the transition from cylinders to large tanks. Before providing any recommendations, we will thoroughly analyze your operations and assist you in making informed decisions throughout the process. You can rely on us to be there during:

  • Site assessment or inspection

  • Ongoing monitoring of the supply using telemetry

Our team of experts will collaborate with you, utilizing modern technology to ensure the most accurate and dependable outcomes. In addition to peace of mind, you will also receive:

  • Service response

  • Ongoing safety programs

  • Add-On Service Programs

  • Safe, Efficient, and Timely Gas delivery

  • Telemetry Monitoring Systems

  • Hands-on execution and management of MicroBulk system installation and more

Are You Ready to Start Cryogenic MicroBulking Today?

Switching to MicroBulk Solutions offers several advantages. If you are interested in obtaining large-volume supplies, an expert from The Cryo Group can provide guidance throughout the process. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements and learn more about alternate supply systems.


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