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Agriculture Services for the Cryogenic Industry

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The agriculture industry is undoubtedly vital in the global economy. Everyone depends on it to get the food resources they need. While many elements keep this industry running, cryogenic gases are one of the most critical elements. Whether liquid nitrogen, dry ice, CO2, or gas blend, their use in agriculture is inevitable. These gases are used in agriculture services such as planting, irrigation, branding, feeding, harvesting, storage, etc. 

Do you need cryogenic gases for your agriculture service in Florida, Hialeah, Miami, or Hollywood? Look no further than The Cryo Group. Some of our services include cryogenic gas delivery, setting up and maintaining gas production equipment, and more. 

What are the Agriculture Services Offered? 

The agriculture industry depends on cryogenic gases in ways such as: 

Freeze Branding Cattle 

Freeze branding cattle or nitrogen branding has long been used as the safest, least painful, and stress-free process to brand cattle compared with hot branding. When comparing freeze branding vs hot branding, freeze branding has low blotching incidences and damage to the hide. 

Fertilizer Production 

Nitrogen is a vital element in fertilizer production. Its adoption maximizes efficiency in nutrient absorption since plants quickly absorb ammonium and nitrate-based fertilizers more easily than other options. Nitrogen also plays a significant role in maintaining high-quality fertilizer production due to its capacity to maintain ultra-low temperatures. 

Meat Production and Processing 

Dry ice pellets are common in poultry and meat production and processing. With its low temperature, bacteria growth is inhibited and helps retain the meat's flavor. Besides that, dry ice sublimes into gas once exposed to heat, which helps retain coldness longer without creating water pools. 

Packaging and Shipping 

Another use of dry ice is packaging and shipping meats at low temperatures. This helps adhere to the health standards that require meats to be transported and kept safe and fresh for consumption. 

Fresh Farm Product Freezing 

Fresh farm products like fruits, berries, and flowers need instant freezing to keep them fresh once harvested. Traditionally, freezing and chilling have been the most commonly used methods to keep farm fresh products fresh, but using CO2 and liquid nitrogen offers a cost-effective option. Their use also allows faster processing of fresh products within a smaller floor space. 

Semen Storage 

Liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used cryogenic gas in semen storage due to its ultra-low temperature. Its fast cooling helps preserve the semen while maintaining the motility and vitality of the sperm cells over a long period. 

How Does Cryogenics Work in the Agriculture Industry? 

Cryogenics work in different forms across the agriculture industry. Some of the ways that these gases are used in the agriculture industry include: 

Maintaining High Freezing Temperature 

Cryogenic gases like liquid nitrogen are common in agriculture due to their ability to maintain extremely low temperatures. It can go as low as -196 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for semen freezing, transporting fresh food over long distances, and freeze-branding cattle. 

Efficient Nutrient Uptake in Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers 

Liquid nitrogen offers a better fertilizer production and usage option than urea-based fertilizer. Its nutrients are readily available for plant uptakes since urea requires complex reactions to convert it into usable nitrogen form. It also eliminates the possibility of volatilization, where urea converts into ammonia gas after application and escapes into the atmosphere, leading to low nitrogen utilization. 


One of the main reasons why dry ice is widely used in agriculture services is its sublimation. This process makes dry ice ideal for meat and fruit transportation, dry-ice cleaning in farms and production sites, and packaging. 


Interested in Learning More About the Agriculture Services in the Cryogenic Industry? Contact Us Today!


The agriculture industry unquestionably needs a constant supply of high-quality cryogenic gases to run various operations. Therefore, any business that depends on its use should seek a reliable and efficient cryogenic gas supplier, manufacturer, supplier, and equipment maintenance to keep a steady supply. With The Cryo Group as your partner, you can rest assured that your agriculture service in Florida, Hialeah, Hollywood, and Miami gets unique cryogenic solutions to keep your business running. Contact us today to learn how we can help. 

Image Credit: Anamaria Mejia / Shutterstock

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