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The Cryo Group is a full-service provider of cryogenic solutions. Our group consists of three core branches that make up the Cryo Group. Each group is optimized for a specific subset within cryogenics to suit our customer's needs.

VS Carbonics provides expansive C02 and liquid nitrogen supplies alongside dry ice and special effects solutions. 


We guarantee top-quality products delivered by our trained team members in our specialized trucks. Our liquid and atmospheric gas arrive safely and on time when you need it most.

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In Cryo

InCryo is the premier source for engineering, installation, and care for your cryogenics tanks and pipes. 


We specialize in the design and installation of your new system. We handle the inspection and maintenance while performing any repairs needed within the system.

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Cryo Asset Management facilitates and contracts the selling and leasing of cryogenics tank assets.

For business ventures looking to own, we offer an expansive range of trailer and bulk tanks for leasing in fixed or portable options, with maintenance on us.

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Creating cryogenic systems that align with your business goals can be a daunting process. From boutique dry ice ice cream to cryogenic systems for aerospace manufacturing to smoky effects for nightclubs, stages, and Halloween events, you can do it all with custom systems or supplies from The Cryo Group. We specialize in high-quality cryogenic system design and installation, and we'll stay by your side when you need more supplies or want to enhance your system to grow your business. Our concierge services are carefully built to support your business's cryogenics needs. Learn more about the possibilities of customized cryogenic systems and how our comprehensive offerings can help.

The Cryogenic Process Explained

Cryogenics is the science of rapidly cooling gasses to achieve super cool temperatures of -321° F. By cooling gasses like hydrogen to a liquid or solid state, system operators can create specific environments with specialized manufacturing, generate smoky effects in dry ice machines, and offer trendy food processing capabilities. 

To produce cryogenic materials at very low temperatures, systems can use four common techniques in the cryogenic process:

  • Heat conduction

  • Evaporative Cooling

  • Joule-Thomson effect

  • Adiabatic demagnetization

By applying these principles in a controlled environment, operators can cool gaseous materials into liquid and solid forms. Then, the materials can be stored for later use or immediately introduced into manufacturing, medical, or consumer-facing applications.

What Is Cryogenics?

The term cryogenics comes from the Greek word "Kryos," or cold. Cryogenics itself is the applied study of lowering temperatures and assessing the effects on materials. Material scientists experiment to determine how supercool temperatures change the properties of liquefied and solidified gas materials, their potential applications, and how to lower temperatures even further.

At The Cryo Group, we design and develop cryogenic systems for commercial and industrial applications. This includes supplying businesses with dry ice and cryogenic materials, installing cryogenic systems at work sites for the independent production of cryogenic materials, and more.

Cryogenics and Its Applications

Cryogenic engineering offers endless potential. Some of the most popular applications for the systems and services we provide include:


Large-scale and niche manufacturers can use cryogenics to achieve highly controlled freezing temperatures at key stages during the production process:

  • Aerospace: The cryogenic process can produce liquid gasses used for fuel to launch satellites. Liquid gasses also produce environments for research and experimentation in space-equivalent conditions.

  • Automotive: Automotive manufacturers can use cryogenics as cold-shrink technology. They can shrink components slightly to fit them into complex configurations; as the temperatures return to normal, the components grow back to their original size and lock together without needing mechanical fasteners or welds. 

  • Electronic: Manufacturers can use cold shrink technology to produce incredibly small and fine electronic assemblies. 

  • Entertainment: Consumer-facing businesses like event venues and specialty restaurants use dry ice and other cryogenic materials to produce smoke for concerts or haunted houses and to produce foods like ice cream.

  • Food and beverage: Flash freezing can preserve produce with minimal disruption, leading to consumer-facing produce that is virtually identical to fresh produce. Processing facilities can also use cryogenics to safely package and seal food in a microbe-free environment.

  • Medical: Liquefied gasses like nitrogen are used to preserve tissue with minimal damage. It can even be used as a direct treatment for surgical procedures.

Organizations in these niches can produce supercool materials directly on-site with our custom solutions.

The Cryo Group, Leading Modern Day Cryogenics

Upgrade your facility's capabilities with a custom-built cryogenics system that offers the liquid and solid gas production capabilities you need to scale your business. At The Cryo Group, we pride ourselves on offering concierge experiences and full-service options for each of our clients. Reach out today to get started.

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