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What is Microbulk? Learn about Microbulk Tanks

Every business that relies on industrial gas needs to maintain an uninterrupted supply. While conventional gas cylinders have served as a reliable option, they rarely meet the growing demand for continuous gas supply since they constantly need to be replaced once the gas runs out. This can bring a lot of inconvenience to a business and even result in potential losses. However, thanks to microbulk, businesses can enjoy an uninterrupted gas supply and ensure continuity of activities at any given time. 

At The Cryo Group, we seek to help you eliminate the possibility of an interrupted gas supply in your business in Florida, Miami, Hialeah, and Hollywood with our microbulk tank solutions. Keep reading to learn more. 

What are Microbulk Tanks 

Microbulk tanks are compact, on-site, refillable tanks that can hold for longer with less than 1% vent loss daily. They work as an intermediate between gas cylinders and bulk gas cylinders. They are also suitable for businesses that find cylinder tanks too small for their demand and burdensome to manage. 

Microbulk tanks come with various features, but the most loved one is its real-time ethernet or cellular tracking, or what's commonly known as telemetry. This helps the supplier track your gas levels and determine when it needs filling. It also features safety features like a built-in monitoring system and pressure relief valves to maintain safety operations. 

It's also crucial to note that microbulk tanks come in different sizes, ranging from 450 liters to 7,000 liters. Businesses can install and operate them indoors or outdoors if the microbulk driver can access them during refill. Microbulks are also built with stainless steel, a sturdy material that guarantees longevity and withstands exposure to shock or harsh weather conditions. 

What Are Microbulk Tanks Used For? 

Microbulk tanks are used for businesses that need a constant gas supply. This is not limited to LNG but includes other gases like nitrous oxide, liquid nitrogen, argon, and other required gases in high-pressure, high-flow applications, such as: 

  • Laboratory and research

  • Laser cutting

  • Metal processing and fabrication 

  • Food and beverage preservation and packaging 

  • Inert blanketing and purging 

  • Electronic manufacture and testing 

  • Hospitality 

Why are Microbulk Tanks Important? 

Microbulk tanks offer various benefits that conventional cylinder tanks cannot achieve. These benefits include:


This is the greatest advantage of microbulk tanks. Thanks to their telemetry technology, they ensure an uninterrupted gas supply for your business. Microbulk tanks also eliminate the need for cylinder changeout or handling and reduce inventory management. 

High-Level Safety 

Microbulk systems have safety features like built-in monitoring systems and pressure relief valves to maintain safe usage. This provides safe on-site storage that guarantees maximum operation, efficiency, and quality. 


The fact that microbulks allow you to install a cylinder that suits your needs eliminates the need to secure space for enough cylinders to meet your needs. It also eliminates the need to change multiple smaller cylinder tanks regularly. Sizes go from 450 liters to 7000 liters.  

High-Quality Material 

Microbulks are made of 304 stainless steel. This high-quality material can withstand corrosion and harsh weather conditions and offers a high fill rate capacity. It also holds gas longer than standard cylinder containers. 

Cost Saving 

Microbulks can save up to 40% of your cost since they don't leave unused leftovers in cylinders and have minimal cylinder venting gas loss. They also reduce the cost of constant gas handling and insurance, free up your space and storage space, and prevent floor damage that comes with the continuous handling of gas cylinders.  

Learn More About Microbulk By Contacting Us Today

Microbulk is undoubtedly the best gas storage solution for businesses seeking reliable gas storage that guarantees a constant gas supply without worrying about constant refills.

At The Cryo Group, we can help you get a microbulk solution that suits your volume demand, budget, applications, and physical facility. We offer a turnkey solution, meaning that we do everything related to microbulk tanks, including assessing your needs, installing the tanks, monitoring, and refilling. Contact us today to learn more. 

Image Credit: CornelPutan / Shutterstock

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