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What is Liquid Nitrogen? And What Industries Use It

The use of liquid nitrogen has grown over the years thanks to its ability to maintain extremely low temperatures. It can be used in almost any industry, whether food and beverage, entertainment, research, pharmaceuticals, or agriculture. Despite its diverse use, it requires specialized handling and supply due to its unique hazards.

At The Cryo Group, we take pride in providing our clients with the most reliable and professional liquid nitrogen supply equipment in Hollywood, Hialeah, Miami, Florida, and surrounding areas. We can help you get your liquid nitrogen supply conveniently and safely. Meanwhile, here's more about liquid nitrogen, including industries that use it, its dangers and hazards, and more.

What is Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen, or LN, is nitrogen stored in liquid form. It doesn't exist naturally like other gases since it's made and stored in extremely low temperatures of -196 degrees Celsius. This makes it an inert cryogenic liquid.

It's produced by compressing and cooling nitrogen to temperatures of -196 degrees Celsius, which is its evaporation point. However, since it's made from air, the compressed air is moved into a molecular sieve to remove impurities like hydrocarbons, moisture, and carbon dioxide. The compressed air is then moved into a highly pressurized distillation column to separate nitrogen from other gases like oxygen. This leaves the LN at the bottom of the column. It's then stored in highly pressurized vessels with high thermal insulation known as Dewar containers.

Industries in Which Liquid Nitrogen is Used

Liquid nitrogen is used across several industries, making it the largest industrial gas. Its applications include food and beverage, chemical industry, health care, pharmaceuticals, and construction.

For the food and beverage industry, LN is used in food processing, from fruits, seafood, meat, and prepared meals.

With its extremely low temperature, you can freeze anything within seconds and save time. It's also used in restaurants, bars, and pubs across Miami to present and serve dishes with a dramatic fog effect. Other uses include making ice creams and food packaging.

In construction, LN is used to temporarily freeze sections of pipes to prevent their content from spilling during maintenance or repair. It can also be injected into cracks to reinforce a sealing material and buy time to repair and fix them. With the many constructions across Florida, LN is an invaluable component that can be used in several ways to make the construction process as easy and safe as possible.

In agriculture, LN is critical in conserving and storing animal semen. This technology has enhanced the use of artificial insemination.

In medicine, LN is used in cryosurgery, where it's subjected to abnormal tissues like warts and tumors for removal. It's also used in the cryopreservation of tissues, organs, and cell samples for transplantation or research.

Liquid Nitrogen Dangers and Hazards

Typically, LN is not toxic, hence its use across different industries. However, it requires extreme precaution while handling it. Its extremely low temperature can cause cold burns or frostbite on the body. At The Cryo Group, our technicians use safety glasses, gloves, and PPEs to maintain safety while delivering or handling LN to our clients.

We also use self-contained breathing apparatuses or proper ventilation when working with it.

Besides, nitrogen is odorless and colorless. Therefore, if LN leaks out, it quickly evaporates and accumulates in an enclosed room, displaces air, and creates suffocation hazards for the people within.

For that reason, our team of trained experts periodically reviews our container's pressure and components to ensure no leakages.

See How We Can Supply Your Business with Liquid Nitrogen Today

Liquid nitrogen is definitely a valuable material used across different industries, including food and beverage, construction, healthcare, and more. With its wide range of use, any business or company that relies on it must partner with a reliable supplier.

If you're in Florida, Hollywood, Hialeah, or Miami, The Cryo Group is your best option for your liquid nitrogen supply. We specialize in providing complete and personalized cryogenic solutions to all our clients, from delivery, installation, monitoring, and continuous support to ensure you get the most out of your LN supply.Contact The Cryo Group today, and let's enhance your business with our services.

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