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What is Hydrostatic Testing?

Updated: Apr 23

We all know liquid nitrogen is stored in pressurized cylinders known as Dewar. Although these cylinders are made to last for years, they're susceptible to damage due to poor handling and rapid exposure to high temperatures. As a business owner, a company, or an establishment that deals with liquid nitrogen cylinders, you must ensure that your cylinders and tanks are safe to avoid the potential hazard of liquid nitrogen exposure. 

Investing in hydrostatic testing is one of the safest ways to ensure your cylinders and tanks are safe. In this test, the containers are subjected to high pressure while submerged under water and check if they can withstand the pressure without cracking at seams or permitting internal leaks. This post discusses more about hydrostatic pressure testing, its benefits, and how The Cryo Group can help you conduct this test. 

Hydrostatic Testing Explained 

Hydrostatic testing is the primary method used to test the structural integrity and leaks on compressed gas cylinders, pipelines, boilers, meter skids, and other pressurized vessels. In this test, the test object is filled with water at the Maximum Allowed Working Pressure (MAWP) and monitored for potential leaks and the strength of the welded seams. 

This process offers better insight into the cylinder's physical integrity than a visual evaluation of the container. It relies on water since it's easier to identify water leaks than gases. Once the leakages are noted, the cylinders are fixed to ensure they're safe for use or decommissioned for recycling if they are severely damaged.  

Please note that the hydrostatic testing procedure can only be performed by a certified cryogenic company like The Cryo Group with the equipment and skilled and experienced personnel needed to avoid potential risks. 

Why is Hydrostatic Testing Performed

Hydrostatic testing services offer several benefits to companies and businesses that use liquid nitrogen cylinders. Some of the reasons why hydrostatic pressure is performed include the following: 

Reduce the Risk of Exposure to Liquid Nitrogen 

Liquid nitrogen exists in extremely low temperatures. Therefore, a brief exposure caused by leakages can cause frostbite, burns, and permanent eye damage. It can also cause asphyxiation when inhaled due to the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen while vaporizing and the fact that it has no color or odor. 

Ensures that Companies and Businesses Meet DOT Regulations 

The DOT mandates companies transporting liquid nitrogen cylinders and tanks to undertake regular hydrostatic pressure testing as part of their certification process. This helps to prove that their cargo tanks and cylinders are safe while in transit. 

Avoid Downtimes and Losses That Result From Leakages

Hydrostatic pressure testing also reduces downtime by ensuring that leakages are detected and repaired as soon as they're detected. This avoids downtime for businesses and companies that require constant liquid nitrogen. As a result, this avoids potential losses that may occur from the downtime. 

Property Protection 

Since liquid nitrogen exists at extremely low temperatures, releasing it in large volumes in a confined space or work area can damage nearby equipment and properties. This includes electrical cables, floor, and water pipes. 

Introducing The Cryo Group

The Cryo Group is a leading cryogenic company in South Florida that offers hydrostatic pressure testing to businesses and companies that utilize liquid nitrogen cylinders through its sister company, VS Carbonics. Besides offering hydrostatic testing for liquid nitrogen tanks and cylinders, we handle all cylinders, from fire extinguishers to carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen tanks. We also offer micro bulk solutionsevent solutions,  on-site filling, maintenance, and repair services. 

See How We Perform Hydrostatic Testing for Your Business

Hydrostatic pressure testing is essential for businesses that use highly pressurized cylinders and tanks. The Cryo Group offers the perfect solution for hydrostatic testing for industries in Hialeah, Miami, Hollywood, and the entire South Florida region. Through our sister company, VS Carbonics, we can ensure that your cylinders are in the perfect condition for safe transportation and usage. Our seasoned professionals are thoroughly trained in hydrostatic testing, and we utilize highly-quality testing equipment to guarantee the best results. Contact us today to learn more. 

Image Credit: Funtay / Shutterstock


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