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How Cold is Liquid Nitrogen?

Updated: Apr 23

When condensed under low temperatures, nitrogen transforms into a water-like product called liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is cold nitrogen with a temperature of up to -196 degrees Centigrade or -320 degrees Fahrenheit. It's stored in vacuum-insulated vessels or cylinders, known as Dewar containers, that can hold it for at least six months. 

Liquid nitrogen is used in various industries, including research, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture. If you're looking for the best liquid nitrogen supplier, repair service, system designer, installer, or maintenance provider in South Florida, look no further than The Cryo Group. With our full-service liquid nitrogen solutions, you can rest assured of top-quality service delivery that meets your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the temperature of liquid nitrogen, its uses, and more. 

What is Liquid Nitrogen? 

Liquid nitrogen is a liquified form of nitrogen used as a cryogen in various applications requiring rapid temperature reduction or extremely low temperature. It's formed by distilling nitrogen from the air, compressing and cooling it to temperatures below its boiling point, about -196 degrees Centigrade or -320 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Liquid nitrogen looks like water but has a cloud of vapor that makes it different. It's stored and transported using special containers, referred to as Dewar. These highly insulated vessels hold the liquid nitrogen in its liquified form. This makes it easy and safe to transport the liquid nitrogen to its point of use without transforming to its gaseous state when exposed to high temperatures. 

As a leading liquid nitrogen supplier, system designer, installer, and maintenance provider in South Florida, we can help you maintain a constant nitrogen supply to your business through our sister company, VS Carbonics. We offer liquid nitrogen filling services, which involve filling dewar tanks from our locations and delivering them to your business. We also provide on-site generator installation, where you can generate liquid nitrogen based on your demands. 

How Cold Can Liquid Nitrogen Get? 

The temperature of liquid nitrogen can go below -196 degrees centigrade or -320 degrees Fahrenheit, which is nitrogen's boiling point. This extremely low temperature makes it suitable for applications that need low temperatures, such as cryotherapy, freezing and transporting food products, blood cryopreservation, and more. 

However, you should note that liquid nitrogen can be hazardous besides being non-toxic and non-reactive to chemicals. It immediately freezes living tissues once exposed to it and can also cause asphyxiation once inhaled or ingested. Therefore, when working with it, ensure you're in a properly ventilated area and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).  

Where is Liquid Nitrogen Used? 

Liquid nitrogen is used across various industries. Its ability to maintain a low temperature, nontoxicity, and low reactivity makes it an ideal option for multiple uses. Here's a breakdown of its uses across different industries: 

  • Research: Liquid nitrogen is used as a cooling and cryopreservation agent. 

  • Agriculture: Liquid nitrogen is used in semen preservation, livestock branding, side-dressing, fertigation, planter replacement, and foliar. 

  • Healthcare: Liquid nitrogen is used in cryotherapy to remove skin abnormalities, preserve blood, perform cryosurgery, and as a component in various gas mixtures.  

  • Hospitality: Liquid nitrogen is used for storing, transporting, and packaging foods, forming gourmet restaurant ice creams, and creating a creamy, carbonated texture in Guinness beer. 

  • Construction: Liquid nitrogen is used to temporarily freeze a section of piping and prevent spillage while carrying out any work.

  • Entertainment: Liquid nitrogen creates a low-lying fog stage effect and culinary entertainment. 

  • Manufacturing: Liquid nitrogen is used in manufacturing electronic components and as a welding shielding gas. 

See How We Put Liquid Nitrogen to Work For You 

The temperature of liquid nitrogen, nontoxicity, and nonreactivity allow it to be used across different industries. If you're running a business in South Florida that utilizes liquid nitrogen, you need a reliable and constant supplier or service provider to ensure your business continuity.

At The Cryo Group, we're here to help you maintain a steady liquid nitrogen supply through our tanks and cylinder supply or by installing an on-site generator for your business. Contact us today to schedule your service. 

Image Credit: Anamaria Mejia / Shutterstock


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